Office Dilapidation

What Is An Office Dilapidation?

Office dilapidation is the process of making the required repairs during or at the end of a tenancy or lease, and typically involves the restoration of a commercial workspace back to its original condition prior to occupation.

If you’re approaching the end of your commercial lease and you’re due to vacate the workspace, you’re probably starting to think about making the necessary preparations involved with moving to another office.

Most commercial property leases require you to return your premises to your landlord in its original condition prior to occupation. To help you with this process, our fully-managed office dilapidations service will take the pressure off.

Our team will take care of the process, restoring everything from decoration and repair works to stripping out partitioning and waste disposal–and in less time than you might think!

Offering Bespoke Office Design Solutions 

At McFeggan Brown, we have decades of experience in working with companies that are struggling to meet the demands of their dilapidation clause.

Office dilapidations can be complex, and often businesses do not realise how much work is involved until after they have left a property. We can help by working with landlords and tenants to deliver a solution suitable for all.

The jargon associated with office dilapidation can be confusing so we also help you to understand the documents associated with a dilapidation, ensuring you are adhering to the terms agreed in the lease.

Throughout the office dilapidation process we’ll work closely with you to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, with little to no disruption to your business.

Office Dilapidation Services

  • Office Cleaning

    The office restoration process isn’t complete without a full clean, leaving your workspace in tip-top condition ready for the next tenant.
  • Office Waste Disposal

    Waste materials, unwanted office furniture, fixtures, and fittings can be difficult to get rid of, but with our fully-managed office dilapidation service, you don’t need to worry about this - it’s all included in the service.
  • Office Repairs

    With constant use and so much footfall, it’s pretty normal for things to break in an office from time to time. Our team will make the necessary repairs to your workspace including kitchens and washrooms.
  • Stripping Out Electrics

    It’s common for companies to install electrical power and data cables or lighting, but if you’re required to remove these at the end of your lease, our qualified electricians are on hand to help.
  • Removing & Replacing Cosmetic Features

    If you’ve added office partitioning, altered your workspace flooring or installed a suspended ceiling, our team will carefully remove these features and restore them to their original state.
  • Decorating

    As part of the workspace restoration process, we’ll redecorate and make sure any company signs, colours and branding are removed from your office, removing any signs of wear and tear.

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