Frequently Asked Questions 

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 If you’re considering going though an office fit out, relocation or refurbishment it’s natural to have a lot of questions and queries that need answering before you make a final decision. This can vary from simply how long will it take to how involved you need to be in the project. 

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 1. What is a Cat A fit out? 

A Cat A fit out will provide a basic level of finish above that provided in a Shell and Core. This may include raised floors, suspended ceilings and internal surfaces, along with basic mechanical and electrical services. While Cat A spaces will have a floor and walls, they'll be quite basic and often finished to an industrial standard.

It’s worth bearing in mind that a landlord may request for the space to be returned back to them in Cat A condition at the end of the tenancy.

2. What is a Cat B fit out? 

A Cat B fit out provides you with a workplace that's ready to move into. During your Cat B fit out, this is where you design your floor plan, finishing and ultimately design your office! It can be an exciting and transformational time for your business.

Your Cat B fit out will cover everything from interior partitions to ceiling design, staircase installation and choosing your furniture if needed. You’ll also choose the final finish for the floors, walls and doors to reflect your corporate culture and branding. Cat B fit outs also cover the planning and installation of your new IT infrastructure - from power outlets and height-adjustable desks, to connected meeting rooms.

3. Is it possible to finance an office fit out? 

Yes of course! Our leasing service is excellent, allowing you to spread the cost of your project over a period of time. 

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4. Do I need planning permission for an office fit out? 

No planning permission normally required for interior fit out but you will likely need to obtain building regulations approval. 

5. How long will it take? 

Timescales are based on the size of your project and whether there are any complications involved. We agree prior to works commencing what these will be. We can ensure that our projects are delivered on time with as little disruption caused if working in a live office. 

We believe that contact with the client if timescales change is key to running the project and delivering with satisfaction. 

6. Will I need to manage the project?

No need to worry about this, our experienced project managers are into every detail on your behalf. 

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