Office Refurbishments: Our Essential Guide

26-March-2020 10:13
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Want to refresh your workplace without the hassle of moving to new premises? An office refurbishment or office fit out will regenerate your space, giving you all the benefits of a new office with little to no disruption.

Most of our clients come to us expecting a huge-upheaval. It's understandable to think that a successful refurbishment renders the office a no-go area for many months – which can in itself be a huge expense. But with us, that just isn’t the case!

The majority of the projects we do are carefully planned around you. We do what we can to avoid causing any major disruption and in most cases, your staff can continue working as normal.

Whether you want to create a space that attracts new talent, enhances collaborative working or you’re simply looking to modernise dated decor, we’ll create a bespoke office design that supports your goals.

A new office design will invigorate you and your staff, increasing productivity and ultimately supporting your performance as a business.

A refurbishment doesn’t need to be a laborious process for you, and we aim to make it as easy as possible.

Our refurbishment services include but are not limited to:

- Lighting

- Redecoration

- Air conditioning

- Carpets & flooring

- Furniture

- Ceilings


What’s the difference between an office refurbishment and an office fit-out?

A fit-out describes the development of a new space that isn’t occupied (yet). While refurbishment involves the development of an existing office space.

A fit-out often requires experienced project managers. At McFeggan Brown we make sure the whole office fit-out is seamless, ensuring we deliver the project on time and within budget.

Refurbishments are a lot less extensive, although they do still provide impressive results.

Do staff have to leave during the refurbishment?

It is possible for staff to continue working during the fit-out process.  However, this depends on the size of the office and the type of work being undertaken. Your health and safety, as well as your ability to keep business as usual, is our top priority. So, we'll save the noisy, disruptive jobs for after-hours. 

We aim to cause as little impact on your everyday life as possible. We’ll discuss timings during the consultation process so we can work with your schedule.

During the refurbishment, we’ll gradually cordon off the areas we’re working on and shift staff around if necessary. We'll also liaise with any other contractors involved so you won’t need to. We’ll take care to minimize dust in the atmosphere and ensure we maintain your access to facilities, (we understand that access to a cup of tea is essential for any office).

The refurbishment process

Here's a quick breakdown of our office refurbishment process:

Initial meeting and consultation – 3 to 4 weeks

This is the first step of your refurbishment journey.

We’ll meet you to discuss ideas, examine your current environment and build an understanding of your current and future needs.

Within these first few weeks, we’ll draw up the initial refurbishment designs. Then we'll consult with you on any changes or improvements you would like to make. We want you to love your office, after all!

It’s worth noting that if you’re leasing your space, you'll need approval from your landlord before we can begin any building work. Waiting for approval can delay the project, so it might be best to pursue this as soon as possible.

Testing out designs – 1 to 2 weeks

Once we’ve completed our drawings, we’d like to come in to test out the designs with you and your team. We value input from your staff and we’ll encourage plenty of discussion and feedback.

We’ll keep you informed on the best design practices, whether you’re interested in modern or traditional office styles.

The handover and beyond

Once we’ve completed your project and we've put all the finishing touches in place, our final step is a walk through of the completed work, (yes, a literal walk).

We encourage walkthroughs so we can ensure you’re completely happy with the final look. We dedicate this time to listen to any comments or questions you may have before we ask you to sign off the project.

We do this so we can make sure you love your new space as much as we do. 

Once you’re happy we’ll sign off the project and our process is complete. If you have any questions in the days or weeks after sign-off,  please get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help.  

And that’s it, not only will you have a beautiful new space to enjoy, but your business will benefit too!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your office, you can take a look at our previous work, browse our blog on office design trends or get in touch with one of our friendly team today.

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