Office Design Trends To Watch in 2020

24-March-2020 18:24
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- Businesses of today require employee-focussed work spaces, which make bold statements, improve performance and drive staff retention. It is also becoming increasingly important to build inclusive spaces that provide equal access and equal opportunities.

This means designing with a heightened focus on not just providing staff with the right tools or tech but also a safe, supportive environment that is conducive for working. 

Innovation is a particular focus and with a growing awareness of sustainability issues, businesses are choosing to adapt to an ever changing environment.

In this article, we will explore five of the latest office design trends and discuss how these might impact your staff and business performance. Our trusted team of office design experts will share their years of experience to help you stay on the forefront of great office design and inspire your next office renovation.

Sustainable materials & recycled fabrics

Since issues of sustainability and climate change have taken centre stage at a global level, there has been a substantial increase in demand for eco-friendly office products and building materials, which have less of an environmental impact.

But what does this mean for sustainable office design?

With large offices being purpose-built to attain green building standard ratings and businesses committing to reducing their carbon footprint, it’s clear the sustainability trend is here to stay.

At McFeggan Brown, we’ve been privileged to work on several unique office design projects where sustainability was of the utmost importance. 

Our latest office renovations have featured upcycled furniture, reclaimed floorboards and sustainably sourced wood. 

We’ve also been able to install several geothermal heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), which help to reduce energy consumption and waste.

Staff rooms & functional social spaces

In an effort to address our work-life balance, many businesses are choosing to introduce functional and inspiring social spaces such as cafes, games rooms, yoga studios and gyms.

These spaces are designed to give employees a welcome break from the computer screen and provide a comfortable, open environment to relax and unwind. They bring staff together and enable those who feel uncomfortable speaking in more formal settings to express their opinions and have their voices heard. 

But while there is overwhelming evidence in favour of more informal work settings, far too few businesses are responding to this latest interior design trend.

Outdoor workspace

Outdoor workspaces are becoming increasingly popular. But let us first make it clear that you don’t need to have vast amounts of land or an office in the countryside to be able to support al fresco working.

Many of our clients are able to achieve great results with just a small amount of functional outdoor space. 

Whether it’s a communal office balcony or shared roof terrace, you’ll just need to ensure the space is safe, secure, in close proximity to electrical outlets and in range of a Wi-Fi signal.

Reap the benefits of working outside

By enabling your employees to work in an environment with fresh air and better air quality, you should find that they experience reduced stress levels, better physical health and mental wellbeing.

Over time, this will contribute to less staff absenteeism, more job satisfaction and a progressive company culture that could be exactly what you need to drive your company forward.

Click to find out if you could improve your team’s health by making changes to your office.

Privacy pods or modern office cubicles

The anti open-plan office movement has given life to a new, innovative piece of office furniture — the office pod.

These modern work cubicles or privacy pods, as they are sometimes referred, are self-contained, soundproof workstations that can be used for teleconferencing, video-conferencing and Skype meetings. 

They have their own ventilation system; contain an electrical infrastructure, to eliminate issues with crowded sockets and tangled wires and can be easily installed in any new office renovation. Just get in touch for more information today.

Bold office colours & funky prints

This year, we’re expecting to see bold, clashing colours, loud prints and rainbow-coloured hues. 

But which colour should you choose for your new office space?

- Green has been linked to productivity and has a positive association with nature and regrowth.

- Blue is particularly situated to creative tasks (e.g. brainstorming) and has been linked to feelings of openness, peace and tranquility (University of British Columbia study)

- Red activates your senses, makes you more vigilant and helps you to perform detail-oriented tasks, such as proofreading. (University of British Columbia study).

- Yellow is associated with confidence and its use can result in employees who are well-primed for decision-making activities

- Light purple has been associated with sophistication, quality and authenticity and is great if you're trying to make a good impression.

Our office design experts have put together this list using research, which provides valuable insights into office design trends. But our list is not exhaustive and there are other key trends to look out for, including:

- Sleep pods

- Hanging horticulture

- Wooded features

- Domesticated workspaces

So, if you're relocating to new offices, or need to update your current working space, just get in touch with our team today .

Our unique designs will reflect and express your organisation's brand and make all the right impressions, where they count the most. We look forward to hearing from you and relish the opportunity to bring your office in line with your business needs.

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