23-March-2018 8:28
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McFeggan Brown are proud to support one of our major clients, Darren Ryemill, CEO and founder of Opus Professional Services Group in his quest to promote Street2Boardroom.

Street2Boardroom was founded in 2016 by Clayton Planter, who has a successful track record of working with young people and adults from the streets, urban neighbourhoods, ghettos, projects and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Clayton decided to start Street2Boardroom when he noticed that the current system did not allow these people to increase their full potential and find positive role models that they could relate to.

Street2Boardroom is designed for young people (18+) and adults who find themselves caught in a range of illegal activities, from selling drugs to theft and robbery, giving them the skills, knowledge and confidence to apply what they have learned from the street – to learn the legal hustle!

Offering a 4-week course to teach them the basic skills needed to set up their own business. They also offer personal mentoring to support them and help them achieve their goals. 

Check out this bbc video for more information - click here to view

The office fit out and furniture were all supplied by McFeggan Brown

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