Looking to build your team? It pays to create the right environment

21-November-2018 16:42
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If your company struggles to attract or retain the right staff, it’s definitely worth considering an office fit out or refurbishment. Here’s why.

In an age where workers are much more discerning about not just the pay but the conditions that their employers provide, the role of the office environment in attracting and retaining staff is becoming much more important. At McFeggan Brown, we mainly operate in Bristol and the South West and, in these areas where there is often a shortage of talent, it makes sense to invest in your surroundings.

We’ve worked with many clients to help them address this issue and there’s no doubt that an attractive workspace makes all the difference. There are many businesses out there operating out of industrial factory units and these can become tired and dated very quickly. As I have mentioned in another article, we worked with a company Eurofins that had previously been based in a similar environment, and we transformed their team’s entire outlook with a bright, energetic colourful scheme that reflected their brand and ethos.

Similarly, flow and comfort are two factors that make a difference to team welfare and these are certainly high on the agenda when we are in the office design stage. Will you need to welcome clients into the workspace? Is an open plan design right for your team? Should we factor in acoustic insulation? These are critical considerations that can give the finished space a real boost.

When it comes to planning the interior space, we’ve found that team members value breakout areas that are located away from where they work. They appreciate the separation between the two and many companies find that their teams are more effective as a result (lunch ‘al desko’ has never been a particularly attractive option).

As many of us are finding in our homes, bright, airy rooms are inspiring and appealing, and these values have transferred to the workplace. Gaming and recreational areas have also been transplanted from domestic settings and these can be very appealing to younger audiences. For a couple of our clients, they’ve made all the difference when it comes to recruiting new team members.

And let’s not forget, people now have the ability to take pictures of where they work thanks to mobile phones. They can even share them on social media (for better or worse) and these candid snapshots paint a vivid picture to potential interviewees. Is your office interior being named, shamed or ‘liked’ on Twitter or Facebook? It’s something that’s worth considering.

Above all, investing in an office refurbishment demonstrates your commitment to your team and ‘sets out your stall’ to your potential recruits. It’s a proven tool for both attraction and retention and it can certainly play a part in futureproofing your business for years to come.

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