5 Things to Consider When Refitting Your Office

17-September-2020 9:35
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Undertaking an office refit can be daunting. You not only want to improve the aesthetics but also the efficiency and culture of your business. Here are our top 5 things to consider when refitting your office.

1) Staff require private space at work

The age-old debate. Over the last 20 years, office design trends have seen a huge swing from the walled cubicle style offices, to open plan. However, the wants and needs of the modern-day office worker may be shifting again slightly.

Research shows that environments which are mostly open, but provide some private space have the highest effectiveness and efficiency. Younger employees, such as Millennials and Gen Z, lean more towards open space. However, finding the balance is key. There is still a definite need to include private, quiet areas for focused work. Using freestanding booths is a great way to do this, without having to erect permanent walls.

2) Collaboration is still key 

Commonly, collaborative space isn’t a client’s first thought when beginning the office design process. Desks, breakout and meeting rooms are deemed the three most important spaces; however, most offices will report a shortage of meeting rooms. An important question to ask is: does every meeting taking place in a meeting room really require a private, walled space?

Often, we will find that the answer is no. This is where a collaboration space fulfils a need whilst taking up a fraction of the space. A simple high table, or circular seating where people can spontaneously discuss ideas without having to enter, (or in most cases book in advance) a closed-door meeting room. This frees up meeting rooms for those confidential conversations.

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3) Not all amenities are worth the investment 

Research shows that breakout areas add very little to experience and efficiency, so if you are pushed for space consider making those areas smaller and more functional. Use any space saved to incorporate different areas to accommodate a range of working styles.

4) Consider the noise

Acoustic comfort is often not given enough thought, and it’s hard to fully understand how much acoustic material can help reduce the office drone, however adding acoustic baffles above high noise areas can really deaden the noise, making the office more comfortable for all.

5) Ergonomics

The average British person spends 8.9 hours a day sitting down, and it’s not hard to find a study telling us that “sitting is the new smoking”

This may sound sensationalist, but by installing some ergonomic office furniture, such as sit-stand desks, fully adjustable task chairs or padded floor mats has been proven to help reduce common office-related ailments such as back pain and sciatica. This alone will help to reduce absenteeism, and save you money in the long run.

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