Inspiring Workspaces in Silicon Valley

17-April-2020 8:16
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Some of the greatest developments of recent times have emerged out of Silicon Valley, where tech giants have been crafting unique workplaces that are autonomous communities in themselves.

Facebook, for example, has the classic MPK21 building, which features a 3.6-acre rooftop garden and amphitheatre style courtyard. There is a 2,000-person event and meeting space and plenty of places where employees are encouraged to work. 

The building is listed as the largest open-plan office in the world and has been purpose-built to foster collaboration between staff members and teams. 

There is predominately all-white office furniture, a minimalist design aesthetic and bright splashes of colour that create bold artistic statements.

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Not to be outdone, Google has commissioned its very own modular work campus which houses shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and everything in between. 

The Googleplex, as it's been affectionately named, features several large, translucent canopies that maintain the interior climate while also letting in natural light and air.

The corporate headquarters is an architectural dream and a great example of what can be achieved when you invest in spaces that are both flexible and progressive. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on office design to create a dynamic work space that is suitable for all employees.

Ebay, the popular auction site with headquarters in San Jose, has an innovative office built to feature a 20,000 square foot interactive hub and welcome centre.

The welcome center is meant to exemplify eBay’s online platform via several large-scale, interactive media installations that can turn the entire space into a dynamic canvas. 

The centre has been fully equipped with multi-screen displays for internal presentations and video conferencing. It also houses three executive conference rooms, an outside deck and plenty of break out space for informal meetings and work gatherings.

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Apple is another tech giant that has not skimped on designing its multi-billion-dollar headquarters. 

It’s Silicon Valley HQ features a 2.8 million square-foot ring which runs solely on sustainable energy. The whole building is mounted on steel base isolators to ensure it can withstand earthquakes, which are common to the region.

There is a 100,000 square foot fitness and wellness center and staff have access to both medical and dental services.

In fact, the whole workspace has been designed to improve staff performance and productivity, attract new talent and motivate all of the employees that work there. But great office design is not only reserved for the world's biggest tech giants or large firms.

Businesses of today require employee-focused work spaces, which make bold statements, improve staff performance and drive retention. It is also becoming increasingly important to build inclusive spaces that provide equal access and equal opportunities.

This means that our teams must design with a heightened focus on not just providing staff with the right tools or tech but also a safe, supportive environment that is conducive for working. 

We can choose to focus on innovation and design spaces that are more sustainable but ultimately we like to bring your office in line with your business needs - whatever they may be.

So, if you're relocating to new offices, or need to update your current working space, just get in touch with our team today and we’ll work with you to make the process as easy as possible.

Our unique office designs will mirror your organisation’s brand, reflect your company ethos and make all the right impressions, where they count the most.

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