A Better Way Ahead For Society

17-March-2021 10:36
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Better Way Ahead

McFeggan Brown are excited to be donating to a worthy cause that will help towards a bigger and better society. 

PREVENT aim to influence and educate on issues such as substance abuse, crime and internet safety, to raise standards of awareness of these and other issues across the UK. As with a lot of society, they are seeking to bring about a needed change to make this world a better place to live through the publication of informative free magazines and periodicals.

Prevention Through Education

Sadly, substance abuse, antisocial behaviour, violence, crime and child abuse seem to be an ever-present menace in our communities, and the problems only seem to be getting worse. Highlighting issues such as these, and promoting measures to counter them, is of paramount importance to us, and through education and awareness, we aim to help reduce this worrying trend.

The guidance of parents, care providers and teaching professionals is essential to the education and safeguarding of our children.

Ofcom have found that three-quarters of parents have looked for information or advice on how to help their child manage online risks, and in this respect Prevent provides an online library of parental resources, information sheets and lesson plans, together with a series of FREE magazines and booklets.


The Facts

1 in 3

children have been a victim of cyberbullying

Domestic abuse leads too, on average, two women being murdered each week and 30 men per year in the UK.

Up to half of all theft is drug-related and market value of goods stolen could be between £2-2.4 billion each year

Police recorded 26,370 knife crime offences in 2014/15 alone

1 in 4 children have experience something upsetting whilst using social networking site



Together we can make a difference!

Let's work together

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