Planning your transformation: a timeline

13-March-2019 13:46
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If you’re considering a fit-out, it’s important to understand what the process involves and how long everything will take. Our clients often imagine that their offices will be no-go-zones for extended periods, when that’s not the case at all. In fact, the impact on your business will be negligible. Here’s what to expect…

Initial meeting and consultation – 3-4 weeks

We’ll meet with you, examine how your business currently works within the space, discuss ideas with you and then come up with a fully drawn-up office design proposal. Naturally, we’ll go back and forth with various options to make sure we get it right.

 It’s worth noting that if you’re leaseholders you’ll need to get your landlord’s approval before we can begin the building work – this could delay the process, depending on how long it takes.

Testing out designs – 1-2 weeks

We think it’s important to get your staff involved - after all they’re the ones who’ll be working in the space day to day. So, when we’ve come up with initial designs, we may even create mood boards to display in breakout areas, encouraging discussion and feedback.

 We’re also not afraid to challenge ideas we don’t think will work, whether that’s simply a colour scheme or the inclusion of a breakout area adjacent to a quiet meeting room. We think it’s important you make an informed decision.

Getting the work done – 8-10 weeks (depending on lead time and size)

Your project can commence in as little as a week after we’ve received approval. Depending on the lead time for the products we’ve agreed on, we’ll put a plan in place and get the resources ready to implement it.

Keeping your business operational

We know it’s vital to keep your day to day business running smoothly and make sure there’s no impact on your customers.

So, to minimise disruption, we’ll seamlessly move staff around as we gradually cordon off different areas to work on, dealing with IT professionals and other contractors so you won’t need to. We understand the importance of the kitchen to your staff and make provision of these facilities one of our top priorities. And of course, we take steps to minimise dust, ensuring no damage to equipment or health.

We’ll agree this transition plan with you up front so you can let everybody know what’s going on.

Do we work out of hours?

We’re aware that the cost of out of hours work is high, which is why we endeavour to do what we can between 8 and 5. We’ll often do the noisy (or invasive tasks) at night, though.

The handover and beyond

We handover every job snag-free. So, before we ask you to sign off on completion, we’ll floor walk together, and you can let us know if there’s anything at all you’re not happy with. It’s a personal approach we take because relationships are important to us. They’re what our business is built on. And they’re the reason why we often get asked to do further work or referred on to others.

 To find out how we could help with your office refurbishment, or to arrange for a quote, get in touch today.

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