The Difference Between a Cat A and Cat B Office Fit Out

11-June-2021 11:51
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Here at McFeggan Brown, we are often asked about our Cat A and Cat B office fit out services, which is why we’ve compiled all the key information and put it into one handy blog. Here, we will detail everything you need to know about both types of office fit out so you can weigh up your options for creating your dream work environment. 

From office furniture and partitions to washrooms and food and beverage facilities, we are here to help you create your ideal workspace.

What is a fit out?

In simple terms, a fit out is about developing a space with the sole purpose of aligning to the goals of those occupying it - making sure a space does what its occupants or owners need it to do. At McFeggan Brown, we understand that every company has a unique style and vision for their workspace, and that their needs and wants will be different to that of another organisation’s. This is one of our primary considerations throughout each project we work on.

What is a Cat A fit out?

A Cat A office fit out is the basic finishing of an interior space. This type of fit out is usually commissioned by landlords and includes all the basic facilities needed for a functional workspace such as: 

- Lighting

- Air conditioning

- Toilet facilities

- Basic kitchen facilities 

- Raised access flooring

- Grid ceilings

- Basic fire detection systems

Apart from its most basic working elements, a Cat A project will provide you with an empty but fully functional workspace.

From a landlord’s perspective, a Cat A fit out makes it easy to attract occupants who want to create their own space. And as the tenant, it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your workspace - it’s a blank canvas so you’ll be able to furnish it however you like.


What is a Cat B fit out?

A Cat B office fit out goes that extra mile, shaping an interior space and transforming every minute detail of your office. These types of office fit outs are usually requested by a business owner or tenant and are ideal for clients who are looking for a fully tailored workspace to suit their individual needs and requirements. At the end of a Cat B project, the workspace will be ready for you to move into right away, no fuss. Cat B office fit outs can include: 

- Walls and partitions

- Office screens

- Staircase installation

- Cafeterias and kitchen areas

- Office furniture

- Office lighting 

- Signage

- Interior decoration

- And much more! 

To achieve the perfect office space, our experienced project managers and designers work closely with our clients on these projects to understand their company culture, requirements and plans for future growth and expansion. 

Identity for a brand is everything. So from signage, colour schemes and the furniture that goes inside, we work with you to ensure you have everything you need to make your employees proud of where they work.


How we can help!

Whether you are transforming your current office or looking to find a brand-new space, it’s important you have the best people to help you get there. Here at McFeggan Brown we cover Bristol, the South-west and beyond.

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