5 Office Colour Schemes To Inspire Your Refurbishment

10-August-2022 15:14
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Switching up your office colours can make or break your space. The right choice of wall colour can elevate a room and do wonders for employee mood and morale. However, the wrong colour choice can have the opposite effect and may leave staff feeling irritable and unproductive.

If an office refurbishment is long overdue and you’re seeking some inspiration for your new office colour scheme, we’ve got you covered. Here are five foolproof colour ideas that will transform your office into a welcoming, contemporary workplace all your employees will love.

1. Warm Your Space with a Touch of Terracotta

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen warm earthy tones cropping up all over Instagram design feeds. From terracotta rugs to bed linen and blankets, it seems people just can’t get enough of the terracotta trend. But why keep it just for the home? 

If you’re looking for a statement office colour that works all year round, then terracotta is the perfect choice. Whilst terracotta is often synonymous with summer, in the winter months, terracotta can add a sense of warmth and comfort to your office space which will keep staff feeling cosy and content. 

Consider incorporating a terracotta accent wall or using it to make a feature out of the ceiling, as shown in the designs above. 

Colour Pairings: light teals, soft blush hues and deep navy blues all pair beautifully with terracotta. Terracotta is quite a forgiving colour, so you have the freedom to experiment with a whole range of complementary shades. 

2. Embrace Calming Blue Hues

According to research, the colour blue has been linked to a feeling of trustworthiness when used in stores and on company logos. So, if you work in a client-facing office and want to make visiting guests feel at home, it might be worth considering blue for your branding and office design. 

When it comes to blue, there are so many shades to choose from. However, to reap the calming benefits of blue, opt for a deep navy shade which is suggested to be the most relaxing. A darker shade of blue is also helpful if your office is vast and open plan, as it can help to break up the space when used in break-out areas or meeting nooks.

Colour Pairings: pair navy blue with opulent gold tones for a more luxurious feel. To create a sense of space in smaller offices, opt for paler shades such as powder blue and pale blue-greys, which look great when paired with muted colours such as cream and soft charcoal. 

3. Make Your Mark with Memorable Monochrome 

There are no colour pairings more iconic than black and white. This classic colour combination looks chic and contemporary whether you choose to leave it as or decide to pair it with more garish shades. If you want to soften your monochrome scheme, incorporate natural woods, brown tones and clean lines for the ultimate Scandi-style interior.

Colour Pairings: add bold fuchsia or tangerine accents for a modern twist on a monochrome theme. For a softer look, pair with muted natural tones such as tan, olive green and soft beige. 

4. Say Hello to Pops of Yellow

Why not liven up your space with the ultimate sunshine colour? When it comes to colour psychology, yellow is known for its associations with optimism, confidence and happiness. If your aim is to make a statement, yellow certainly packs a punch and can give your office a more contemporary feel when paired with bold lines and striking graphics.

A word of warning: too much yellow or the wrong shade can have a negative effect on people, says colour expert Karen Haller. A zingy bumblebee yellow (as shown in the image above) looks great when paired with black, grey and natural wood tones but could be overbearing if not appropriately balanced. Try out different shades of yellow to find one that works best for you. 

Colour Pairings: navy blue and charcoal grey look fabulous paired with mustard or acid yellow. If you prefer a pastel shade, combine it with white to keep the space looking fresh. 

5. Opt for Serene Green 

Last on the list, we have green!

There is a reason that people are sent to the green room before appearing on stage or screen. Synonymous with nature, green is yet another colour known for its calming effects. According to a colour perception study conducted in 2019, a green environment can significantly slow down the heart rate and help people to relax, making it an excellent choice for a busy office space. 

If you want to give your office a grown-up, sophisticated feel whilst reaping the stress-relieving benefits of green, go for a sage or olive shade. So why not opt for Dulux’s “Olive Sprig”? Named their colour of the year for 2022, it is described as “a relaxed but enticing green that emulates the feeling of soothing aloe vera”. 

Colour Pairings: pair olive tones with warm browns, pale greys, blush pinks or gold accents for a fresh and modern feel. If you choose a more vivid shade such as lime or acid green, save it for your feature walls and keep the rest neutral. You can always add bright, playful furnishings to maintain a sense of fun. 

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