The Top Five Best Plants To Invest In For Your Office Space

07-January-2021 16:15
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Walking into an office that is filled with plants and greenery certainly helps to lift the mood, for both office workers and visitors to the site. But did you know, plants aren’t just useful in making a space look more appealing, but they are actually proven to positively impact our wellbeing and productivity? In fact, a recent study revealed that 42% of participants said that being around plants improved their mental health, which makes them a great addition to stressful workplaces where natural elements are often forgotten. But plants need looking after. And, particularly in working environments, they can often be neglected due to tight deadlines, endless meetings and busy work schedules.

And of course, dying plants can have an even more detrimental impact on employee morale and the interior design of an office. So, at Plant Plan, we would advise that if you want to embrace plants into your workplace, choose them wisely. There are a wide variety of plants out there that are perfect for office spaces and can stay looking fresher for longer, with little maintenance. At Plant Plan, we know exactly what office plants can thrive where, so we've shared our top choices with you, so you and your team can experience the magic of plants and their benefits. 

1. Crassula Ovate AKA the Jade Plant

Not a green-fingered fanatic? Then the Jade Plant is a perfect addition to your office plant collection. As a plant, it needs very little maintenance and is very easy to look after, so watering can be kept to a minimum. With its thick, shiny leaves, it also has a very striking look that will stand out in any modern workplace. One of the other reasons the Jade plant is a particularly useful office place is its durability. Offices today need to be well lit to minimise eye strain for workers, and this particular plant is able to tolerate bright light. It even thrives at normal room temperature, so it will be very happy to be placed anywhere indoors, making it our number one plant in the office.

2. Spathiphyllum AKA the Peace Lily

We could all do with a little peace at work. And the Spathiphyllum, or as it’s otherwise known as ‘The Peace Lily’, is a stunning addition to bring some life to a workspace and help you to find your inner zen at your desk. With its attractive white flowers and low maintenance nature, you’ll be able to achieve a beautiful office space with minimal effort. The plant needs very little watering, and only requires being out of bright light to add some beauty to your office interior.

3. The Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Laurentii’ AKA ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue’ or ‘Snake Plant’

Sick Building Syndrome is an issue that is causing employees to struggle with certain symptoms such as headaches, dry, sore eyes and other debilitating ailments. This is why purifying the air in an office is so important, particularly as we begin to return to office life in 2021. The Snake Plant is one of the most effective toxin-removing plants on the planet, according to NASA. It is supposedly able to remove around 107 different pollutants in the air, which is just one of the reasons why this plant is a favourite of ours. If you were to place just two Snake Plants in a 100 sq ft office space, they would, in fact, be able to clean any air pollution that exists in the space. What’s more, the plant is easy to grow, hardy and has a long lifespan.

4. Dracaena Janet Craig

The Dracaena Janet Craig is a great office plant solution, as it is hardy enough to thrive in areas with insufficient lighting or in an enclosed space. And it certainly can make a big impact wherever it’s placed. Its large leaves stand proud in any area and can improve the level of greenery in a space immensely. Like the Snake Plant, the Dracaena Janet Craig is also able to purify the air, so is a great addition to a busy office space.

5. Aglaonema Maria

One of our personal favourite office plants, the Aglaonema Maria is a type of plant we use in office installations to create a real impact. What makes them perfect for workplaces is that they are tough and can withstand lower light levels than other species. With its recognisable patterned leaves, this plant works with a variety of different office interiors and can bring style and sophistication to a space, without the upkeep of other more needy plants.

So, will you be adding desk plants in 2021 as we make a return to the workplace?

To find out more about the power of plantscaping, check out the Plant Plan website, here. If you’re looking for inspiration for your office, you can take a look at our previous work, browse our blog on office design trends or get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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